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Researchers discover a way to improve glucose regulation in fish

Many species of carnivorous fish have a difficult time metabolizing carbohydrates, resulting in hyperglycemia. In these affected species, lipids and glycogen (the storage form of glucose) build up in tissues and their growth is slowed when they are fed carbohydrate-rich diets. In addition, these fish continue to produce glucose (through gluconeogenesis) even if they consume it in their diets, which worsens their hyperglycemia. This is a major concern in the […]

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Developing Pacific molluscs produce their own carbohydrates

Animals that develop within an egg, must rely on the egg yolk for nutrition for healthy development. While we have known that proteins and fats in the egg are important for development, the role of carbohydrates in the development of molluscs is a bit vague. A new study published in the American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology examined the role of carbohydrates in the development of Pacific […]

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Very high intensity exercise: hovering

I just read an interesting review published in Physiology of flight energetics and fuel use in nectar feeding hummingbirds and bats. While flight is considered pretty high intensity exercise, hovering flight is even more demanding. Hummingbirds and nectar feeding bats are really tiny and thus have very high metabolisms to maintain body heat. Some of these animals are also migratory, which is an even greater energy demand. Remarkably, they sustain […]

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