Life Lines by Dr. Dolittle

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I am a comparative physiologist who works at a major university in the western United States. I have been writing blogs for the American Physiological Society (APS) on topics related to comparative physiology—and other interesting topics that I come across—since 2010. I am excited about my new blog home and look forward to sharing my passion for comparative physiology with you.

At APS, we believe that physiology is everywhere. It is the foundational science that provides the backbone to our understanding of health and medicine. At its core, physiology is all about understanding the healthy (normal) state of animals and humans. Physiologists study these normal and abnormal states at all levels of the organism: from tiny settings like in a cell to large ones like the whole animal. We also study how humans and animals function, including how they eat, breathe, survive, exercise, heal and sense the environment around them.

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