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Infertility is not an issue for naked mole rats

Naked mole-rats have attracted the attention of scientists once again. Not only do they live very long lives (30+ years), while typically avoiding cancer, females remain fertile their whole life. Unlocking their secrets to avoiding menopause may lead to new ways to treat infertility. New research has identified their tricks for lifelong fertility. It turns out that female naked mole-rats have 1.5 million egg cells (oocytes) when they are born, […]

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Now we know how life underground reduces metabolism

…at least for mole-rats. African mole-rats live in dark underground dwellings where oxygen and food are scarce, and humidity and temperatures are high. These animals have low metabolic rates and body temperatures uniquely adapted to their life underground. Metabolism is controlled in part by thyroid hormones. To understand the role of thyroid hormone in mole-rats, researchers examined the thyroid gland and hormones in naked mole-rats (Heterocephalus glaber) as well as […]

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