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Venezuelan poodle moth and others

I was browsing through The Scientist and came across this image of a Venezuelan poodle moth that I could not resist sharing:

poodle moth

Image by: Arthur Anker on flickr

What is interesting about this particular moth is that scientists are currently trying to figure out exactly what type of moth it is (its phylogeny). Needless to say, the image of this fluffy moth has gone viral. The flickr website by Dr. Arthur Anker, a Zoologist, contains photos of numerous other beautiful butterflies and moths.

Other favorites:

Leucanella maasseni, which looks like it could be related to batman (from this view at least):

batman moth

Image by Arthur Anker on flickr

Lymantria alexandrae (Lymantriidae), just look at those antennae:


Lymantria alexandrae (Lymantriidae) moth, image by Arthur Anker on flickr

To see more, just visit Arthur’s site on flickr.

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