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Don’t let that cute little face fool you…


Image of a black-footed cat by Zbyszko via Wikimedia Commons ID 7347795

This is not your Grandmother’s cat. Despite its seemingly domesticated look, this cute feline is a fierce hunter. Black-footed cats are the smallest wild felines in Africa coming in at only 14-20 inches long, 8 inches in height and weighing only 2-6 pounds. They are also considered the deadliest feline on Earth. Say what???

Turns out this Napoleonic cat is known for killing more prey in one night (10-14 rodents or birds) than a leopard kills in 6 months. Like other tiny animals, these cats need to eat a lot to support their high metabolic rates. I am sure their 60% success rate with hunting makes them the envy of many human hunters.

Image of a captive black-footed cat showing off its hunting skills at the Wuppertal Zoo by Frank Vincentz via Wikimedia Commons.


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