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Experimental Biology 2019

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The annual 2019 Experimental Biology conference starts in 2 days! I am looking forward to the myriad of comparative physiology sessions at this year’s meeting. Sunday will feature trainee presentations on a variety of topics ranging from how the gut microbiome shifts in ground squirrels with the seasons, insulin resistance in horses, and muscle performance of lizards. Monday will be a jam-packed day filled with topics on how ectotherms regulate cardiac and respiratory function, animal models of neuropathology, cold tolerance, muscle physiology and locomotion, and WormBeats (we’ll talk more about that one later). This year’s August Krogh Distinguished Lecture, awarded to Dr. Terrie Williams from University of California at Santa Cruz, will also take place on Monday. Tuesday will feature a session on inter-individual physiological variations (what’s that? … stay tuned to find out). The conference will close with a lecture from Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Peter Agre from Johns Hopkins University who will speak about his research on special water channels in the body called “aquaporins”.

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