Cat-eyed cardinalfish, Siphamia arnazae, discovered in Papau New Guinea
Siphamia arnazae [© 2019 Mark Erdmann]

Image by Mark Erdmann, © 2019 California Academy of Sciences

A new species of skink, Kuniesaurus albiouris, native to New Caledonia
Image result for Kuniesaurus albiauris

Image from article describing the new species:

A girdled lizard (Cordylus phonolithos), discovered on the second highest mountain peak in Angola
Cordylus phonolithos [© 2019 Ishan Agarwal]

Image by Ishan Agarwal, © 2019 California Academy of Sciences 

A new species of Sea Slug (Janolus flavoanulatus), discovered in the Philippines:
Janolus flavoannulata [Terry Gosliner © 2018 California Academy of Sciences]

Image by Terry Gosliner © 2018 California Academy of Sciences


A new species of long-snout skate (Dipturus lamillai), discovered off the Falkland Islands. Because of its similar appearance to commonly-consumed skates, it is in danger of winding up on dinner plates.

Skate picture

Image of a female Dipturus lamillai skate from the article describing this new species:


A new species of cave-dwelling harvestman (Lola konavoka), a relative of spiders, was discovered in the Balkan Mountains:


Image from the California Academy of Sciences