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Yes, pets can contract coronavirus too

Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina have identified the first known case of coronavirus in a dog in the United States. Three human members of Winston’s family were known to have the virus and were participating in a study exploring treatments and vaccines. The research team discovered Winston had small amounts of the virus as they were collecting blood samples and nasal swabs weekly from members of his household to find out how the virus spreads. Like many humans infected with Covid-19, Winston’s symptoms were rather mild – coughing, and lack of appetite on one morning.
While Winston appears to be the first identified case in a dog in the United States, Covid-19 infections of other species are not new in this country. In fact, cases have also been identified in lions and tigers at the Bronx Zoo as well as in two house cats living in New York.
According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, there is currently no clear evidence that pets transmit the virus in households.

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