Life Lines by Dr. Dolittle

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Exploring the tree of life

Dr. Yan Wong (University of Oxford) and Dr. James Rosindell (Imperial College of London) have created the most comprehensive tree of life to date. Their tree, a culmination of over 10 years of research (image above, from, is an exquisite interactive tool that can be used to decipher genetic connections between more than 2 million species. Each tiny leaf represents a single species and clicking on the leaf will bring up more information about the species and any known genetic information.

People interested in sponsoring the project can also “adopt” a species and add a message to their leaf. Color coding helps visualize the vulnerability of each species with blue indicating ‘not threatened’, red ‘threatened with extinction’, black ‘extinct’, and grey indicating a lack of information.

Check it out!


Y Wong, J Rosindell. Dynamic visualization of million-tip trees: The OneZoom project. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. In Press.

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