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Physiology in Iowa

The Iowa Physiological Society held their 23rd annual meeting today. It was a huge success!

Seminars were on a diverse array of topics including epilepsy, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension caused by menopause, how heat exposure impacts insulin’s actions in skeletal muscle tissue, how exercise changes blood flow in muscles of individuals with obesity, factors that change the ability to grow new blood vessels,

The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Mark Lyte from Iowa State University who spoke about, “Microbial Endocrinology: Why the Intersection of Microbiology and Neurobiology Matters to Health” Specifically, his research is focused on the interplay between the gut microbiome and disease as well as behavior through what has come to be called the “gut-brain axis”. Since nutrition plays a large role in contributing to which microbes are found in the gut, his talk also focused on how nutrition may alter the ability for gut microbes to produce chemicals that can act on the host’s nervous system.

I love that the Iowa chapter also had an educational Keynote seminar geared towards how we teach physiology. The speaker for this session was Dr. Erica Wehrwein from Michigan State University. They also had panel discussions on finding and managing careers in biomedical sciences.

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