Life Lines by Dr. Dolittle

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Nature’s architects

By NOAA/Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute –, Public Domain,

Nature has already solved many problems that doctors, researchers, and architects are still trying to solve for humans. For example, some of our prior posts have talked about how some animals are resistant to developing cancer:


Tasmanian devils

Naked mole rats

Other animals have developed special nano antibodies (nanobodies) to fight disease.


While several are tolerant of very low oxygen levels in the environment, others are champions of holding their breath:

Tibetan plateau zokor

High altitude deer mice

Physiology of diving animals

Now, researchers at Harvard have replicated the architecture of a sponge using a 3D printer and found that the lattice design created by sponges is stronger than man-made lattice designs:

Video from YouTube

Why reinvent the wheel when nature is continually providing solutions?

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