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Featuring: Ohio Physiological Society

This week we are featuring the Ohio Physiological Society. They held their 35th annual meeting September 17-18, 2021. The Ohio Physiological Society is a chapter of the American Physiological Society that was founded in 1986 and brings together physiologists from across the state.

Dr. Cynthia Beall, PhD, Distinguished University Professor and Sara Idell Pyle Professor of Anthropology as well as Co-Director of the Center for Research on Tibet at Case Western Reserve University, gave the Keynote Address on ‘Genes, Physiology, and Fertility at High Altitudes.’ As the title implies, her research brings together physiology and genomics to understand evolution and adaptation to high altitude (hypoxic) environments. In her talk, she focused on Tibetan highlanders as they have many unique variants of genes that may help them thrive in a high altitude environment that would be quite stressful on the physiology of individuals not adapted to life at high altitude.     

You can check out this BBC Future article featuring her research on How Tibetans survive life on the ‘roof of the world.

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